Our most popular choice for wedding bookings, the harp is the most romantic and elegant of all the classical instruments. This visually impressive instrument with a gorgeous, expressive sound will truly delight your guests either playing a beautiful selection of pieces for a wedding ceremony or graceful, delicate background music for a drinks reception or meal.

Solo Harpist

Solo Harp

Solo harpists have a huge range of repertoire available to them from classical pieces, pop, film and theatre music arrangements, to folk tunes and jazz songs. The harp works well as a solo instrument making it perfect for those looking for just one musician. Most bookings are for a full concert harp, which has 47 strings and is 6 feet high, but for venues with less space or difficult access we can offer a smaller folk harp, by request.

Prices start at £312.50

Harp & Flute

Harp & Flute Duo

A popular line-up amongst classical composers, the harp and flute duo is a staple on the concert platform but less commonly seen at weddings and events. Playing gentle, melodic and romantic repertoire, if you love the sound of the flute and want something a little out of the ordinary for your event, then look no further.

Prices start at £375

Harp & Cello duo

Harp & Cello Duo

Another unusual line-up, the harp and cello duo is a lovely alternative to solo cello or cello and piano. The cello has always been a popular instrument for weddings and events, even more so since featuring in the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in 2018. Your venue might not quite stretch to fit an entire orchestra in playing alongside your cellist, but accompaniment provided by a harpist is just as good!

Prices start at £375

Harp & Vocal Duo

Hoping for a singer but your venue doesn’t have a piano? Then why not consider a harp and vocal duo? Our duos perform many classic operatic favourites as well as traditional Welsh hymns and songs. We offer duos with male or female vocals by request.

Prices Start at £625

Harp & Vocal duo


Get in touch to enquire about the harpists and harp duos we have to offer.

Note that the concert harp is a large and heavy instrument, so if you wish to book a harpist your venue must have mostly level access or lift access available – it can only be taken up or down a few small steps. Please enquire for further details and to discuss your options.