Looking for something a bit different? Tailor Made Music Agency has a wide network of classical and jazz musicians and is willing to investigate any request, big or small, no matter how unusual! So if you have something in mind but can’t see any reference to it here on our website, do submit an enquiry and we’ll be in touch. 

Classical Recital musicians

Classical Recital

Our classical artists are all highly trained musicians working and playing in a variety of musical settings. We are able to offer first-rate classical performances from short lunchtime concerts to full length evening concerts at venues across the UK. We can also offer a full concert management service if required.


Jazz artists

Jazz Gig

As mentioned on the Jazz Artists page, jazz is a broad art form encompassing the popular jazz standards we all know and love, the Blues and Ragtime of the late 19th century and bringing us right up to the contemporary and experimental jazz of the modern age. For weddings and events our jazz artists tend to stick to jazz standards, but outside of that they are working on a wide-range of artistic projects. If you are putting on a jazz gig and are looking for acts to perform, we would be very interested in talking to you about what our artists can offer.


Full orchestra design

Full Orchestra

We can put together an orchestra of freelance musicians on request, offering anything from a small chamber orchestra to a full sized symphony orchestra and a full orchestral management service. We will book musicians from our wide network of professional musicians and coordinate all of the details from rehearsals and music hire to stage management and tour logistics.



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