Why should you use an agency to book event musicians?

Use an agency to book musicians for your event

There are hundreds of classical and jazz musicians out there marketing themselves for weddings and events, and if you have personal contacts or you’re looking to save money you may choose to book with them directly. But if you have no idea where to start, or you want a more comprehensive service, here are a few reasons why you might consider using Tailor Made Music Agency to book musicians for your event.

Helpful tips and advice

When setting up Tailor Made Music Agency I decided to specialise in just classical and jazz, focusing on my key areas of expertise and ensuring that we offered the highest quality in those two areas. I didn’t want to spread the agency too thin by taking on other types of entertainment. As Tailor Made Music Agency’s bookings expert, I pride myself on offering clients tailored advice on what would best suit their event. So even if you have no idea what type of musician you want or where to even start, I can help you. Our service is entirely bespoke, and you will get personalised recommendations tailored to your individual requirements.

Tailor Made Music Agency

The highest quality

Even if you do know what type of musician you are looking for, searching online can be a challenge as there is so much choice available. How do you know if a musician is any good in real life? Are they qualified professionals or just keen amateurs? Will they know what they’re doing on the day? Many musicians promoting themselves have DIY websites and poor quality audio or video material, which is usually just down to cost and is not a reason in itself to suggest that they aren’t great musicians, but it does make it hard to distinguish between professionals and amateurs. This could be a worry for you if you don’t know them by reputation already.

I have handpicked full-time professional musicians of an exceptional calibre for Tailor Made Music Agency, so that you don’t have to worry about quality. My background working for prestigious organisations such as the Royal Academy of Music will hopefully put your mind at rest. I have also invested in high quality video recordings of many of our artists, which will give you a good idea of what to expect (this isn’t available for all our artists yet but hopefully will be eventually).

A secure contract

When you book through Tailor Made Music Agency you will receive a secure contract between yourself and the artist, which is legally binding. This is to assure both you and the artist that you are both on the same page and expecting the same things on the day of the booking. It also ensures that all eventualities are covered if something goes wrong. Tailor Made Music Agency will do everything within its power to mediate between you and the artist if there is any misunderstanding or if you need to make any changes to the booking. This peace of mind can be invaluable when you are dealing with the complexities of organising an event, whether it is a large scale corporate event and the stakes are high, or a very personal private event and you want everything to be perfect on your special day.

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Easy communication

Years of working with musicians has taught me that sometimes the most talented performers are not that great at admin! The main reason most of our musicians use Tailor Made Music Agency is so that I can handle their emails and communication for them, meaning they have more time to spend on rehearsing, practising, learning new repertoire and performing. Not surprisingly, spending more time on these activities is what makes them such great musicians! On the other hand, when you are booking musicians for your event, you want quick and efficient responses to your queries.

You might be booking wedding musicians over a year in advance and need to know that the details will be dealt with at the appropriate time. Or you might be booking musicians for a corporate event at really short notice and want everything wrapped up within a couple of days. I have a list of FAQs from each artist so that I don’t have to trouble them with commonly asked questions, meaning when I do go to them with more unusual queries they can answer promptly as they’re not swamped by emails. This means everybody wins – the musicians can spend more time on their music and less time on admin, you get the efficient service you are looking for, and I get to do what I do best – organising musicians’ lives for them!

I should add that you will always get the opportunity to speak to the musicians directly a month before your event, just to give you peace of mind that everything is in place. This will be scheduled in as part of our service.

If this sounds like what you’re looking for, enquire now for your personalised service.

Anna Clark

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