Classical Guitar

A more niche option than the string quartet, piano or harp, the classical guitar offers a well-round performance in either solo bookings or as part of a duo. Differing from the modern acoustic guitar more commonly used in pop music, the classical guitar has mellow and soft sounding nylon strings. Apart from at very small events, the classical guitar usually needs some amplification when providing background music as it is a very quiet instrument.

Solo classical guitar

Solo Classical Guitar

The solo classical guitar is famed for its use in Spanish and Latin-American classical music, so if you are looking for classical music with a Latin feel this should be your top choice. Our solo classical guitarists almost always play with amplification, which can be provided, so are suitable for events of any size, although they are best suited to smaller, more intimate venues.

Prices start at £343.75

Classical guitar duo

Classical Guitar Duo

On its own the classical guitar isn’t ideal for playing arrangements of popular classical tunes, but as a pair the classical guitar duo have more options and can provide all the usual classical favourites. As with soloists, they play with amplification so can fill large spaces if necessary, and create a fuller sound than one instrument on its own.

Prices start at £687.50

Guitar and flute duo

Guitar & Flute Duo

The classical guitar pairs wonderfully with the flute, and this duo has lots of unusual and beautiful repertoire available to it, including Latin jazz music and light classical melodies. Ideal for shorter bookings such as wedding ceremonies and drinks receptions, this ensemble works best in small, intimate venues.

Prices start at £437.50

Guitar and violin duo

Guitar & Violin Duo

Coming soon!


Classical guitar and vocal duo

Guitar & Vocal Duo

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