Classical Piano & Organ

If your venue has a piano or an organ available, why not make use of it and book one of our excellent classical pianists or organists? We don’t offer artists playing with backing tracks, but the piano and organ offer the perfect accompaniment to any soloist, as well as being wonderful solo instruments in their own right.

Solo Piano

Solo Piano

The name ‘piano’ is short for ‘pianoforte’, which literally means ‘soft/loud’ – demonstrating perfectly how suited the piano is to all different sizes of event. The piano has the capacity to play softly at small intimate events, but also has a strong sound that will carry well in a larger venue with a large number of guests. The most recognisable of all classical instruments, pianists have an almost unending list of repertoire available to them. Our classical pianists mostly play light classical repertoire creating a beautiful background to a drinks reception or meal. They can also mix some pop tunes, light jazz and film and theatre music into their set for some variety.

Prices start at £160

Piano and cello duo

Piano & Cello Duo

The piano and cello duo, made famous by YouTube sensations ‘The Piano Guys’, is a popular choice for weddings. The cello has been described as the closest sounding instrument to the human voice and pairs beautifully with the piano. This duo has a large range of classical repertoire and pop arrangements available to it and works particularly well for song requests with a long flowing melody line.

Prices start at £260

Piano and violin duo

Piano & Violin Duo

The piano and violin duo is a versatile duo; like solo pianists they are able to create a big sound for large events as well as play softly for smaller events. As with the cello, the violin can play soaring, romantic melodies so is perfect for song requests with a strong melody line.

Prices start at £260

Piano trio

Piano Trio

If adding a violinist or cellist to your pianist booking isn’t enough for you, why not add both! The traditional piano trio line-up of piano, violin and cello has been one of the most popular ensembles for classical composers and has many fantastic concert pieces written for it by composers including Mozart, Haydn and Beethoven. Much of this repertoire is very grand so you could make a real impression by booking a piano trio for your event!

Prices start at £375


Church Organist

If you are including hymns in your church wedding ceremony an organist to accompany them is a must-have! Our organists are experienced in Anglican church music and can accompany any traditional hymns, as well as play music for entrances and exits, during the signing of the register and background music as guests arrive.

Prices start at £260

Organ and Trumpet duo

Organ & Trumpet Duo

If you are booking an organist for a wedding ceremony, why not make it extra special by booking a trumpeter to play with them. Adding a real sense of grandeur to a church service, the trumpet can fill the space with soaring melodies and fanfares. Several composers have written a ‘Trumpet Voluntary’ which has become a popular way to either start or end a wedding ceremony, and adding a trumpet descant to your hymns will make them all the more impressive!

Prices starting at £375


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Enquire about the classical pianists & organists we have to offer.

Please note that classical pianists can only be booked to play at venues that have a well-maintained piano available or are able to accommodate a hired piano. We can assist you in hiring a piano if necessary – please enquire for more information.

Please note that organists can only be booked to play at venues which have a well-maintained organ available, and that some churches do not allow guest organists unless their own resident organist is unavailable.