Woodwind & brass

If you’re looking for a classical ensemble that is different to the usual string, harp or piano offerings, then a woodwind or brass ensemble may be the perfect option for you. Listed below are our typical woodwind and brass ensembles, but if you want something from amongst the woodwind and brass families that is not listed here, perhaps a solo oboist or a solo French horn, then do not hesitate to enquire – we have a large network of professional musicians and will do our best to accommodate your request.

Woodwind Quintet

Woodwind Quintet

Made up of a flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and French horn, the woodwind quintet features five very individual sounds and blends them into one harmonious ensemble. An unusual choice for weddings and events, this would work well for an event outdoors or in a large space, as it’s a fairly loud ensemble. Our woodwind quintets can play light classical repertoire, arrangements of well-known classical favourites and a handful of pop and jazz arrangements and are happy to take on unusual requests.

Prices start at £750

Brass quintet

Brass Quintet

This line-up of two trumpets, horn, trombone and tuba is fantastic for very grand events, wedding ceremonies and parties. It is a popular choice around Christmas as a compact alternative to the traditional British brass band, and play hymns and Christmas carols particularly well. As with the wind quintet, it is suitable for larger venues and playing outdoors as it is quite loud. Our brass quintets play a mixture of classical and jazz arrangements and are happy to arrange requests.

Prices start at £781.25

Brass Trio

Brass Trio

If you like the idea of a brass quintet but are limited by space, then a brass trio could be an option. Made up of trumpet, horn and either trombone or tuba, the trio still has a powerful sound but is more compact than the quintet. Brass trios are also more limited in repertoire than the quintet, but can still play a good selection of classical and jazz arrangements, hymns and Christmas carols.

Prices start at £468.75

Flute & Harp duo

Flute & Harp Duo

A popular line-up amongst classical composers, the flute and harp duo is a staple on the concert platform but less commonly seen at weddings and events. The harp provides a beautiful accompaniment to the melodic, soloistic flute. Playing gentle, romantic repertoire, if you love the sound of the flute and want something a little out of the ordinary for your event, then look no further.

Prices start at £375

Flute and Guitar duo

Flute & Guitar Duo

An alternative accompanying instrument to the harp, the classical guitar pairs wonderfully with the flute. This duo has lots of unusual and beautiful repertoire available to it, including Latin jazz music and light classical melodies. Ideal for shorter bookings such as wedding ceremonies and drinks receptions, this ensemble works best in small, intimate venues.

Prices start at £437.50

Trumpet and Organ Duo

Trumpet & Organ Duo

Adding a real sense of grandeur to a church service, a solo trumpet accompanied by organ can fill the space with soaring melodies and fanfares. Several composers have written a ‘Trumpet Voluntary’ which has become a popular way to either start or end a wedding ceremony, and adding a trumpet descant to your hymns will make them all the more impressive! We can book a trumpet and organ duo on their own, or as part of a bigger brass quintet or trio booking.

Prices start at £375

Trumpet and Percussion Duo

Trumpet & Percussion Duo

Coming soon!



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